Candied chestnuts

Candied chestnuts are the most refined taste that confectionery can offer.

Its special processing ,which involves continuous sorting and handmade work, art and taste makes it the most precious candy.

Selected chestnuts from various regions of Greece ,processed in a traditional way that requires long-lasting boiling to achieve maximum and even assimilation of the syrup to the chestnut’s heart.


  • Chestnuts wrapped for retail sale

  • Whole chestnuts wrapped by hand in white paper and then in silver or golden tint.
    Available in a 5 Kg case.

  • Chestnuts packed airtight in a flowpack envelope containing the company’s details as well as the product ingredients and the expiration date.
    Available in a 3 Kg case.

  • Candied chestnuts with brandy
    For those who are looking for a special flavor and are familiar with the sweet/alcohol combination, we recommend candied chestnuts with brandy.
    Available in handmade packaging with white paper and outside in golden tint.
    In a 3Kg case as well as in a 5 Kg container with its confectionary syrup.

Candied chestnut products

For confectionary use

Candied chestnuts drained into a bag
Candied chestnut drained in various for use

Available in a 5 Kg box

Candied chestnut pieces
Candied chestnut pieces selected and ready for pastry they can be used in a cream filling for chestnuts sweets.
Available in a 5 or 10 Kg bag in a case.

Candied chestnut paté
Candied chestnuts with their syrup that have passed through a mill and twice in a punch machine to achieve the creamy texture of the product ready for use by the professionals.
Available in 5 and 12.5 Kg containers.

Candied chestnut purée
Totally drained and dry chestnuts that have passed through a mill and twice in a machine to achieve the solid texture of the product.
Ready material for the professionals to add their own ingredients and create sweets based on candied chestnut.
Available in a 5 or 10 Kg bag in a case.

Candied chestnut sweet in a container
Whole chestnuts in syrup in a variety of sizes.
Available in a 5 or 13 Kg container.


Boxes of candied chestnuts
for retail

  • Boxes of 130 gr
    are available in a 10 piece case
  • Boxes of 270 gr
    are available in a 24 piece case
  • Jars of chestnut sweets with the ingredients listed
  • Bowl of 330gr for cooking and pastry are available in a case of 12 pieces. Drained chestnuts with low calories can be washed with hot water before cooking in order to reduce their sweetness


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